with sun protection

It’s always good to use sun protection. Whether you’re playing some morning tennis or eating lunch al fresco, we’ve got you covered. Our moisturizer provides non-greasy hydration and sun protection for your face (and neck and hands).

Size: 1.7 fl. oz. (50mL)

  • Lavender
  • Cucumber Sage
  • How It Works
  • How To Use
  • How It Looks
Keep calm and hydrate

100% natural ingredients soothe inflammation to reduce redness. Shea butter and cucumber keep your skin hydrated and soft throughout the day.

Natural sun protection

Green micro algae and zinc oxide protect your skin from UV radiation. (We stole the algae idea from the ocean!) SPF 12… chemicals 0.

Open pore policy

We use only non-comedogenic oils (like olive oil and jojoba oil), so your pores don’t get clogged.

Step 1

Gently massage 1 pump into your face and neck.

Step 2

Add some to your arms, shoulders, and other places exposed to the sun.

Step 3

Now call your mom…it’s been too long!

Our products have color…because they’re actually natural.

Most things in nature aren’t white. So when you mix them together it’s pretty unlikely that the result will be white (or translucent?!). We’ve chosen not to bleach or chemically process any of our ingredients, so they come to you the way nature intended (yes, we were that kid who actually liked whole wheat).

P.S.: Don’t worry, it won’t turn your skin a different color…unless glowing is a color!


Aloe vera juice*, Shea butter*, Olive oil*, Zinc oxide, Emulsifying wax, Vegetable glycerin*, Jojoba oil*, Micro algae*, Cucumber peel, Rosemary, Vitamin E, Essential oil blend.


100% Natural

  • Natural

96% Organic*

  • Organic
  • Not Organic

Grown or gathered in

  • USA
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa

*Excludes zinc oxide, which is found, not grown, in nature.

All of our products are:

  • Edible and 100% natural
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Tear-free, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Made without petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes…you get the point
  • Cruelty-free, and made without animal products

  • Gluten-free
  • Free of synthetic preservatives. We use vitamin E and rosemary along with our German-engineered airless bottles to give our products a 12-month shelf life

  • Designed and manufactured in Apex, NC


Average Score: 4.88 (86 ratings)
1 - 5
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Love, But...

I love Jivis products, especially moisturizer. However they’ve not switched over to I’m Canadian and can no longer get their products. I’ve emailed them twice to see if there’s anyway to still order and haven’t received a single reply. Terrible customer service to someone who loves their products and such a shame for a company I really recommended. Awful end to what would have been a long and great relationship!

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My absolute favorite moisturizer

I was first introduced to this moisturizer from getting a sample from Ipsy and ever since then I have been in love with this moisturizer! I love that it’s natural enough that you can eat it! And love how it doesn’t leave any kind of greasy feeling. My skin completely soaks it up and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and beautiful! It’s the only moisturizer I’m excited to use daily! I’ll continue buying from them forever!

I first got the Lavender moisturizer in an ipsy bag. I loved it. So I recently bought some more and got samples for my Aunt. She loves it (and has purchased some as well). It’s one of the few moisturizers I’ve used that works and doesnt make my skin feel greasy. It’s also helped my skin feel a lot healthier and helped with my acne as well. So far has been the only product that works for me since having children.

Please specify SPF rating

I first received this item in my Goodbeing monthly subscription box and immediately liked Jivi’s company ethics, particularly their “Buy A Bottle, Give A Meal” concept. I feel comfortable using every single one of their product ingredients, which is saying a lot since I’m really picky. I just wish they would list an SPF rating on their moisturizer with sun protection. That’s wonderful that their moisturizer provides sun protection but without telling the consumer how much, it’s hard to know if I also need to apply sunscreen on top of the moisturizer throughout the day.


I love this moisturizer! I live in Utah so we get really hot summers and really cold winter and well desert air doesn’t do my skin any favors. I have combination skin and eczema. It’s hard to find a facial moisturizer that doesn’t make my skin more oily and actually hydrates my dry patches. This stuff works wonders and it’s helps my eczema so much! It calms the inflammation and redness and it smells AMAZING. I will definitely be a life long costumer.

Superb products but Canadians pay too much for shipping

Absolutely love your products. Prices are reasonable and fair and products are excellent. But shipping to Canada is too expensive! If I want to order one item, shipping costs more than the item itself. And there is no option for free shipping to Canada for orders of a certain value. Would like to see less costly shipping options for Canada in the near future.


I am hooked on this moisturizer! It is lightweight, non greasy, fast absorbing, lightly scented, and beautifully packaged.

I like this product but I wish it was a little more moisturizing. Also, I’m not sure whether or not the product got cold in transit but it was very difficult for it to come out of the tube for the first week or so.


I love how my skin feels and looks after using the lavender moisturizer. It smells good and it feels good. It’s one of my favorite moisturizers. Even better to have something I put on my face that’s organic and natural. Thanks Jivi!!


Absorbs quickly and I can apply my makeup right away. The lavender smell is amazing!

The best moisturizer ever!

Got this in my Ipsy bag, Immediately obsessed. They shipped to Canada got it in 7-10 days as promised. The lavender moisturizer smells great, doesn’t feel greasy, and helps my rosesea. Love, love, love! This is the first product I’ve loved so much, I had to come and give it 5 stars!

Great Price, Lovely Product

Like so many here, sampled it off Ipsy and was immediately obsessed. I have the lavender one, and I love lavender. In addition to that, it’s a very nice moisturizer, and I like that it’s all natural AND reasonably priced. I’m not against spending a little more for a good moisturizer, but I really like when I don’t have to. Nice things don’t need to be inaccessible.


Absolutely love this moisturizer. I will be ordering more any time I run out! Although, the shipping did take 3 weeks… worth it though!

I have rosacea and my face is always breaking out in blotches of redness and dry skin..I love the lavender moisturizer with sun protection..It absorbs quickly,smells lovely,and does not irritate my already sensitive skin..I wish I would have found it sooner..Love love love it!!!!!!!


I recently tried the Lavender moisturizer in an Ipsy bag, and instantly loved it. So, I ended up telling all of my friends/family about it. I loved it so much I ended up buying it and I couldn’t be happier. Such a great product being all natural because my face is so sensitive. I even told all of my coworkers! I would recommend this line to anyone.


I’ve been looking for an all natural, calming moisturizer for years. I was introduced to Jivi through a friend who received the moisturizer in her Ipsy bag, I immediately fell in love with it and ordered my own. I was surprised at how reasonable the price, was and was absolutely blown away by the product, from fast shipping to the adorable packaging, a personalized thank you and of course the food bank stamps. I also received a few samples, my favorite being the exema treatment which I will also be purchasing. I can’t wait to see what other products Jivi comes out with and could not recommended them more!

The only lotion my eczema likes.

Every “eczema” product I have ever used, ALWAYS failed to help me. I couldn’t believe how often I would still get eczema breakouts from using eczema specific products. But the Jivi products are the first to help my skin so consistently. I would like to say that I have used 4 different scents for their “Moisturizer with Sun Protection.” Lavender – Didn’t like the smell because I don’t like lavender. And it stung my eczema a little but I still used the whole bottle because my skin healed. La Paloma (seasonal scent) – MY FAVORITE OF THE SCENTS!!! Loved it! It also stung my eczema but my skin would always heal using this and the Eczema treatment after an allergen induced breakout. Sonnet 18 (seasonal) – The scent is okay. But the lotion still worked the same, so I was happy. 🙂 Apple Pie (seasonal) – I just got it in the mail today. I don’t love nor hate the smell. I seem to be a sucker for their “seasonal” options. HOWEVER, this is the first Jivi Face Moisturizer that didn’t sting my eczema! So I am really happy with this new scent. Again, even though I am still experimenting with my diet to eliminate all causes of my eczema breakouts my skin still looks smooth and feels comfortable using these products. I just know my eczema is still just below the surface enough from an allergen that I can tell when products sting.

Moisturizer w/sun protection

Use this every morning after I use the exfoliating face wash! Love this stuff

Amazing, Amazing. Amazing!

Amazing moisturizer that I found with my Ipsy bag and I will never use another moisturizer again. I use the lavender and my face feels amazing, free, no acne ever! Really keeps my skin check, as I have oily skin.

I am in love

I got the lavender moisturizer in my ipsy bag, and fell in love. I have very sensitive skin and so many products burn my skin. The jivi lavender moisturizer is great. MY boyfriend and I both share it and it works great for both of us. It also smells amazing.

very good

The product arrived quickly, and it feels good on the skin, and on my conscience with the donated meal that comes with the purchase! What’s not to love?

Cucumber sage

This is a great night moisturizer for my oily skin. Always had hard time finding one that actually absorbs oil through the night. Smells good to. Got a sample Through ipsy with points I earned and plan to order a couple different ones and a cleanssr.So excited.Thanks Jivi

Love this moisturizer

This is not oily and it gives you a natural glow

The best moisturizer on the market

This moisturizer is now a staple in my face care routine it’s absolutely amazing!! It smooths out my wrinkles and it takes away some of my redness!! This is seriously the best products on the market and for it to be all natural you feel great after using it!!!!

Fountain of youth in a bottle

I am in LOVE with the lavender moisturizer! Like many other customers, I received a sample of it in my Ipsy bag last month. After the first few days of using it, I noticed my skin was looking clearer, more evenly toned, dewy, and fresh. I haven’t been wearing makeup for over a month now because it is just that magical. This product has made me look and feel 10 years younger! I also ordered the lemongrass face wash…when it came in the mail I couldn’t get in the house fast enough to wash my face and apply the lavender dream cream. I also couldn’t get over the witty and fun packaging, as well as the fact that for each product you buy- a meal is donated to someone that needs it–WHAT?! Jivi where have you been all of my life?! I will never put anything else on my skin.

A must have in your daily routine

I am in love with this moisturizer! It’s the first one I’ve found that doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily. It always leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, and I no longer get breakouts from my face over producing oils like I got from literally every off the shelf product I’d tried before. This is like a miracle moisturizer for me!

After receiving the sample size from ipsy I had find out more about the product. I LOVE IT, I have combo skin and it really helps control my oily areas but also keeps me moisturized. The fact that the majority of the ingredients are organic is also a plus.

Love everything about Jivi!

So I got a sample of Jivi moisturizer in my ipsy bag a few months ago and immediately loved it. I’ve been switching over to non-toxic, natural makeup recently and knew that this is the moisturizer for me. I’m heading overseas so I ordered two bottles. The packaging put me in the best mood; I was showing it to everyone around me. And then to open up and find out that you guys donated a meal to a local food bank for each bottle I ordered? So much for just $12 a bottle. You guys have got yourselves a new customer. Would recommend to anyone! About the actual product: I love that it’s so smooth and creamy yet totally non-sticky. I love the scents they’re gentle and natural. And the feeling on my skin is fresh and smooth, without that gunky feeling. Awesome product by an awesome company.

Best moisturizer I’ve ever used!

Telling everyone I know!

I first heard about Jivi through Ipsy. I was so impressed with the light but effective formula of the moisturizer that I bought 2! So many products make promises at expensive prices and don’t deliver—Jivi Moisturizer was the exact opposite. Thank you!

Smells Wonderful, Works Wonderfully

I live in the arid SW desert in Arizona and need moisturizer every day! I also need sunscreen. And I need a natural product that will deliver both without clogging my pores with gunk that I cannot pronounce. Jivi’s Sun Protection moisturizer fits this bill brilliantly!! It smells heavenly ( I got the lavender and the paloma) and goes on like a dream…soaked up in a few seconds and leaves my skin moisturized and protected. LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

I absolutely love my moisturizer (and body butter and face wash)! They all smell fantastic and are all natural. Shipping was quick and customer service was amazing! The products are long lasting (a little goes a long way), but I can’t wait to run out so I can buy more!

Love it!

I love the lavender moisturizer with sun protection. The slight green algae seems to calm any redness on my face with no sign of the green once it’s rubbed in. It is nourishing without being greasy, and it smells amazing from the essential oils blend. I also love that these products are affordable and made of quality ingredients AND that Jivi donates a meal for every purchase. Finally, a skin care line that gets it right. Never change! Although, I would love to see some free shipping promos periodically!

Awesome brand!

I had purchased Jivi Lavender moisturizer and love it! It’s done awesome for my skin! I will definitely be buying from them again in the future! Let me also add that I love how this company only uses natural and safe ingredients in their products. We need more company’s willing to use only natural ingredients for a decent price. Order from Jivi! You will not be disappointed! 🙂

Love the natural smells and feels.. Justbright up my alley.

My face natural

Best stuff!

I received my lovely lavender moisturizer in my redhead subscription box. The guys even gave us a special label! The feel is wonderful, but the aroma… 😍. Oh my! I am hooked. I will be reordering soon. Looking forward to trying all the different flavors.

Magical ✨

I absolutely love my Jivi! I received it in my Ipsy bag and fell in love. I ordered immediately and won’t do without. It’s amazing as a moisturizer and I wear it alone without makeup; makeup sets like velvet over it. I have acne prone skin and it never makes me break out 🙏🏽 My children also have eczema on their face and it has worked wonders ✨ I love your product🙌🏽


Ordered a sample. It had leaked in the package. 4 dollars for 4 tiny samples is way too expensive! Thought it would be the size of the tube I got in Ipsy. Disappointed.

Amazing Scent!

I love this moisturizer! The creamy texture absorbs quickly, leaves a matte finish, and the lavender smell is amazing! Perfect way to start my day!

la poloma

I took a chance with this and ordered it without sampling first, I have sensitive skin and am picky about scents, but love citrus so decided to give it a try, I would say it smells like grapefruit, lemon grass and a little under scent of salt, I really like it! So far all Jivi products I’ve tried make my skin feel so nice. I usually use this on my neck and arms because my face is sensitive to fragrance. The couple times I used it on my face there was no burning or break outs. Not sure how much sun protection it gives, but it rubs in nice and smooth not greasy or heavy. Happy to support this business! Love their products!

Best Moiturizer I've Ever Used

I started with a sample & Ordered a full bottle before I ran out of the sample. I usually have issues w moisturizers making my oily skin much, much more oily a few hours later and this does not. The green does help cut some of the redness from acne scarring. My skin feels smooth & soft all day. I also mix it w my BB cream as that is a bit too thick and mixed w the Lavender Moisturizer it applies much easier/smoother. I love this stuff!

Amazing results!!!!

I use the Lavender moisturizer daily. Not only is my skin amazing- takes the redness out and smells wonderful. A definite must have!

Love it. All natural!

Best smelling cream hands down

The smell and the price of this lotion knocked my socks off. This is every bit as good or better than very expensive creams I’ve used in the past!


I absolutely adore this moisturizer and think it will be a favourite for a loooong time. My skin always looks too red before I apply makeup and this helps so much. Also love the consistency – it basically is thick enough to act as a primer. Great price too!

Best natural moisturizer

This moisturizer feels amazing on dry skin and doesn’t leave me with an oily feeling that other brands do. It also contains sun protectant, but does not smell like sunscreen. I have been searching for a daily moisturizer that doesn’t have that sunscreen smell that other brands have. Instead, this one has a nice refreshing scent. I got the lavender and at such an affordable price, I will buy from now on exclusively from Jivi.

Love at first use

I really love this moisturizer. The texture is perfect and it blends easily into my pale skin. The green tint is amazing. It helps neutralize a lot of the redness on my skin. I have rosacea and this doesn’t break me out or worsen my condition at all. I do wish there was an option for an unscented version, though.


Am loving the Paloma moisturizer with zinc oxide. I haven’t yet had to test it hard core, but there will be ample opportunities this summer. As a daily moisturizer it’s been great.

Love this moisturizer

Not to heavy, not to light. Perfect for my sensitive, eczema prone skin. The slight teen tint helps to even out facial redness.

The BEST Sunscreen

After putting this on my face once, I knew I couldn’t wear drugstore crap ever again. It doesn’t feel greasy, or sting my eyes, it isn’t shiny, it’s so clean, it’s edible, and the slightly green undertone, makes my slightly pink complexion more even. I don’t need more makeup beyond a few doors of concealer after I apply the sunscreen. I LOVE this product.

Best Moisturizer Ever

I absolutely love this. The texture is super moisturizing, yet matte. My skin seems super plump after using this for a few weeks and I live in the hot, dry desert! Makeup goes on great after applying. I even reapply over my makeup sometimes to get the added SPF protection throughout the day. I love the smell. One of the best face moisturizers I have ever used! Next I will order the eczema cream which worked wonders on my hands when I got the sample. Also love the face wash! Super super moisturize and leaves a glow.

I feel like my age again!

I’m 26 and have had eczema since the 6th grade. I love this moisturizer!! I purchased the La Paloma scent and it smells very good. But I am just so happy to have a moisturizer that seems to be allowing my skin to heal. Most moisturizers are a “better than nothing” ordeal for me. They still always bothered my eczema but my eczema also needed a moisturizer. My skin is no longer dry and flaky as long as I use this and the Jivi Eczema treatment. Even if I have an eczem flare up, this will still keep it under control enough that it doesn’t look like my jaw line and eyelids have chronic dandruff. Before, if I scratched my face at all, I would have dead skin all over my clothes. Now my skin feels like my age again! Before my eyes always looked so wrinkled from the eczema and steroid creams, but they are actually healing and looking younger again! This company was an answer to prayer. I’m so so so grateful to be comfortable to look people in the eyes again. Thank you Jivi.

Love this.

This moisturiser is one of the best moisturizers I have used in a long time. It is very soft and hydrating. I have very sensitive skin and it worked well with my skin. I like that I can also use it as a colour corrector as well as a primer before makeup. The smell is so calming that it also makes up for a good night cream. Will definitely buy this.

I will Never Use another Moisturizer again!

I have tried a lot of lotions in my day. My skin is super sensitive and to top it off I’ve got eczema. I know this isn’t the actual product they offer to treat but it definitely still works! I have always had horrible dry skin and the eczema caused little red bumps all over my skin. The trouble spots were mostly my arms, no lotion could ever get rid of those unsightly bumps and I was always so embarrassed. I never had the soft skin everyone else had. I tried all of the recommended lotions for eczema but either the consistency was gross and they were super oily or the just plain stunk. THIS PRODUCT DOES IT ALL. Not only are my red bumps disappearing, but my skin is actually soft to the touch. And this stuff smells AMAZING. And to top it all of I’m putting all-natural ingredients on my super sensitive skin. I just got this tiny little bottle as a sample in an ipsy bag but now I’ll never use anything else! Definitely trying their eczema product next!

Love sun protection moisturizer

Can tell the difference immediately after and through out the day. I get compliments and dose not break my skin out.


This moisturizer is perfect to wear alone or under makeup for sun protection. I have an oily completion and the less liquid on my face the better and this covers moisture and sunscreen in one

Favorite Moisturizer!

I received the Jivi Lavender moisturizer with SPF in my How To Be a Redhead box. I love the green tint that camouflages redness, and the matte finish is perfect! I am so glad to have discovered this product!

Perfect to combat redness!

I received the lavender in my ipsy bag and fell in love with this product right away. The green color balances out any redness in your skin. My skin is very sensitive to chemicals and soy, and this moisturiser is extremely gentle. After using for a week I have noticed a significant difference in the redness of my skin and evening out my skin tone. Just purchased more and am excited to try my sample products that came with the order.

So Gentle!

I have very sensitive allergy prone skin. Even to the most touted organic creams, my skin breaks out. But Jivi works! No allergies! And it lasts a long while! Great price! Love the ingredients!


This product is AMAZING. I received it in my IPSY bag & it has eliminated my lupus redness. Will be a frequent flyer.

Thank you, Ipsy! The lavender moisturizer is my new favorite. I’m eager to try more of your products. I will be buying the lavender moisturizer very soon 🙂


So like many others on here, I received the lavender moisturizer in my Ipsy bag. I have oily/dehydrated skin that can become very irritated with slight rosacea on my cheeks. This lotion instantly calms my skin, soaks in immediately (my skin drinks this stuff), and is a natural tone corrector with its slight green hue. It by no means turns my face green though. I am a huge skincare addict and drop some big bucks on skincare (R&F, Exuviance, Clarins, etc). This moisturizer truly works and is very affordable! It’s now apart of my daily regimen, and I will not go without it.


My search for the perfect moisturizer has ended!!! I received the lavender moisturizer sample from Ipsy, and after day 1…I needed to order more!!! The green color and ingredients really decrease my redness. I am prone to breakouts and have had no issues with this! I also have sensitive skin and this gives me zero issues!! Lastly this really absorbs nicely so you don’t have an oily residue left behind! I have been going “makeup free” for the first time in my life these last few days!!!! Thank you!! Oh and the lavender smell is amazing!


As many reviews mention, I also recoeved a sample in my IPSY bag and fell in love! I went to their website and ordered additional samples. I have managed large department store cosmetic counters and have worked with multiple spa lines in the salon industry throughout the years. In my opinion, this product line is far superior in terms of personal results and price. I am completely obsessed!

Um, wow!

Okay, I have a hard time finding a moisturizer because my skin produces a lot of oil yet is dry and flaky. This is now my holy grail. I recieved the lavender one in my ipsy bag and fell in love. It’s thick but a little goes a long way. It reduces any redness in my face and almost plumps my face up. You can feel and tell my face is moisturized in a good way, not oily. LOVE this stuff! Definitely worth the price. Thanks Jivi!


I got this in my ipsy bag and I am absolutely in love with this moisturizer! The lavender smell Reminds me of another moisturizer I’ve used that was all natural also. My skin is sooo dry since I have eczema really bad and I used this and it kept my skin moisturized! 5 stars from me! Will be purchasing!

I’m in love

I received this in my Ipsy bag and I will never use another moisturizer in my life!! I have used a ton of products to try to balance out my redness and nothing has ever worked as well as this product! I have a degree in the environmental and social justice field and I am over the moon that these products are truly good for me and good for your community and they work amazingly!


I just recently got this in my ipsy bag and i was nervous to try it because sometimes the stuff i get in there aren’t the best. This so far is my favorite thing I have gotten in a bag! I was so surprised that as soon as I put it on, the lavender smelled so good and strong that it made my POUNDING headache just disappear! It was very soothing.

Pleasantly surprised!

I hesitantly tried this product from my recent Ipsy bag, thinking I would hate it because of the lavender smell. I also have very odd skin – sensitive, acne prone, oily yet dry, red…you name it. I said what the heck and used the sample for the last few days. I LOVE the way it makes my face feel! It is creamy and moisturizing, yet oddly does not cause any breakouts or excess oil production on my face. The scent fades quickly, so it does not end up being overpowering for my senses. I was running out of my prior moisturizer and decided to purchase a full size of this in place of my old one! Happy to see that I can also sample some of the other items you have – which will be perfect for my travel bag on my upcoming vacation.

Nice matte effect. Smells great!

I love this moisturizer!

I received this in my Ipsy box. I was nervous because I recently had tried a new face cream which caused my eczema to flare up all over my face. I put Jivi moisturizer on my face and blended the color in. It felt amazing! No stinging and hours later my skin looks and feels incredible! I’m sold, just ordered face wash and full size moisturizer.

First moisturizing spf that doesn’t make me itchy!

I love the cucumber sage moisturizer!! It even calms my rosacea a bit. Have recommended to my friends and family and I will be coming back for more when I run out.

Natural and affordable

Its so nice to find a moisturizer that’s 100% natural, and is made in the US. And its only $12! Keep up the good work

Support local!

I’m from NC and I really like that these guys are local, and make everything in house. Appreciate the clean ingredients in the moisturizer. And they donate a meal for every bottle. A great company to support guys.

Smells great

The Lavender smells so good. Keep one at home and one at my desk. Get lots of compliments.

Reduces redness

My skin is really Irish. I don’t know if its because its green, or something else, but the moisturizer evens out my skin tone and reduces the crazy redness. And it goes on so smooth, no greasiness. It’s great!

Blends in clear...

I got this in a subscription box, and really like the packaging and natural ingredients. The color is a bit weird, but they say it’s because they don’t bleach them. Makes sense. It rubs in clean, so no color left on my face. Works well under makeup.

Love the packaging and the product…

The bottle is soo cute. Very vineyard vines. The airless design is a nice touch too And it’s natural and makes me feel so soft! Amazing

Seriously high end product without a ridiculous price tag- I love Jivi!

I love the way this moisturizer feels on my skin. The scent is so clean and refreshing that it balances well with any facial cleanser you use beforehand. I have also found that the green tone helps to reduce redness on my face before i apply make up. The mission of this company is fantastic, I will definitely be purchasing other products.

Amazing vegan daily moisturizer with sunscreen!

I checked out Jivi after learning about them through VeganCuts and was excited to see that they had a daily moisturizer that was vegan and that had SPF – which isn’t easy to find! I tried some samples and liked the moisturizer right away. The texture is smooth and light and I’ve put other makeup on over it with no problem. I love that it has zinc oxide as the SPF and unlike other products I’ve tried, this one blends nicely and doesn’t leave my face all white and chalky. While the scent wasn’t strong, I was curious if they made an unscented version and when I emailed my inquiry I received a quick and friendly response from Nikhil saying they can indeed do special orders. I got my full-size unscented moisturizer shortly after and it’s perfect! I”m thrilled to have finally found a daily moisturizer that hits all the marks for me – vegan, clean and simple ingredients, and from a fantastic company with a good mission. Thank you Jivi!

I can't get over how awesome this is!

I can’t get over how awesome this is! I can pronounce and actually identify every single ingredient, so I know it is good for me and my family. Every bottle I buy gives a meal to someone in need. These guys were a couple of the nicest people I have ever met! I can’t wait to go and order the eczema product for my daughter when she has a flare up! I would so much rather use something natural than put steroids on my toddler. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Highly recommend these products!

I’ve been using the lemongrass face wash and cucumber sage moisturizer and absolutely love them. Highly recommend these products!

Love the moisturizer, but didn't understand the container

I received the Cucumber Sage moisturizer in my GoodBeing subscription box in December. I have to say, I really love this formula, and would definitely purchase it in the future over the product I was previously using. It comes out greenish and it rather thick, but is very gentle, calming, and hydrating and blends into my skin with no oily residue. It smells nice (I love sage) but not too strong. I feel like I’m giving something really good to my skin with this super-natural formula. My only complaint is that I didn’t understand the packaging at first glance. I tried pumping several times, and twisting the top back and forth to open up the seal, but no product came out. I ended up poking through the seal with a needle, and now I’m disappointed that I messed up the protective nature of this container. I think it would have been helpful to have some explanation on the label about the packaging, since it is special. Unless I received a dud pump, it was certainly not intuitive to operate. Still, I give 5 stars because the moisturizer itself is fantastic.

Favorite Moisturizer (after flings with many, this is The One)!

I have been using this moisturizer for more than 2 months now (a record for me). I am so incredibly pleased with it! I have the Cucumber Sage and it smells wonderful. It’s been very soothing on my sensitive, oily, redness prone, and acne prone skin. It goes on so well, absorbs quickly and easily into my skin, and leaves it feeling soft and smooth, not greasy. This has been helpful with my two main skin concerns- redness and acne- and helped in other problem areas too! My overall skin tone is brighter and healthier (goodbye dullness!), and my fine lines have reduced as well.

New fav moisturizer

Was searching everywhere for a chemical free moisturizer that would also protect my skin from the sun and found it! I also have very sensitive skin and was happy to find this moisturizer doesn’t make my skin oily.

Just the right balance of notes...

I tried the Lavender moisturizer and the scent is amazing. I use this after the lemongrass face wash. The smooth soft feel of this lotion compliments the zesty lemongrass wash. The scent is not too strong. I like that it has the ability to protect from the sun…

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