Acne Treatment

In case you hadn’t heard (or felt), benzoyl peroxide irritates and dries out your skin. Luckily, our acne treatment uses plants to fight acne and scarring without burning off your face. Don’t let your flare-ups ruin your day (that’s why they invented pop quizzes).

Size: 1.7 fl. oz. (50mL)

  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon Tea Tree
  • How It Works
  • How To Use
  • How It Looks
Benzoyl peroxide sucks…

…the life out of your skin! Plants clear your blemishes while actually HYDRATING your skin. No more burning. No more peeling.

Plants go all day

Thyme and willow bark immediately start fighting acne-causing bacteria, while olive oil and papaya keep your skin hydrated.

Gets better with age

Over time, the licorice root will reduce scarring, leaving your skin even and clear.

Step 1

Gently massage 1 pump into your face and affected areas. Tip: for best results, first clean your face with our Exfoliating Face Wash.

Step 2

Leave on throughout the day, letting it go to work.

Step 3

Use morning and night for 24-hour protection.

Our products have color…because they’re actually natural.

Most things in nature aren’t white. So when you mix them together it’s pretty unlikely that the result will be white (or translucent?!). We’ve chosen not to bleach or chemically process any of our ingredients, so they come to you the way nature intended (yes, we were that kid who actually liked whole wheat).

P.S.: Don’t worry, it won’t turn your skin a different color…unless glowing is a color!


Aloe vera juice*, Emulsifying wax, Safflower oil, Witch hazel*, Vegetable glycerin*, Willow bark, Zinc oxide, Vitamin B3, Thyme, Licorice root, Coleus, Holy basil, Papaya, Vitamin E, Essential oil blend.


100% Natural

  • Natural

81% Organic*

  • Organic
  • Not Organic

Grown or gathered in

  • USA
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia

*Excludes zinc oxide, which is found, not grown, in nature.

All of our products are:

  • Edible and 100% natural
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Tear-free, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Made without petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes…you get the point
  • Cruelty-free, and made without animal products

  • Gluten-free
  • Free of synthetic preservatives. We use vitamin E and rosemary along with our German-engineered airless bottles to give our products a 12-month shelf life

  • Designed and manufactured in Apex, NC


Average Score: 4.89 (18 ratings)
1 - 5
Best acne product ever

Does not dry my skin but pulls gunk out of pores…make up goes on smoothly ❤️

AMAZING!!!! I ordered this and the moisturizer and my first order went through but never got delivered and they were super nice and understanding and sent me a new package right away! Love them both!!!

Love It

This product really works, smells amazing (I love the lemon tea tree, personally). The price is decent considering the amount of product you get and how little you have to use. I also like that it’s hydrating as many other acne treatments tend to be overseeing. The fact that it’s hydrating also helps me when I’m having a day when my skin is extra oily – I can use less moisturizer when in combo w the Hydrating Acne Treament. It also handle my breakouts fantastically. They’re gone in a day or 2. I’m hooked.

Amazing results!!!!

My 16 yr old used it and in the FIRST night noticed a huge difference in his face the next morning. We LOVE ALL OF OUR JIVI PRODUCTS!!!!

The search stopped here!!

Im so pleased with the acne treatment, it really is the only product that works! I’ve currently been using both the grapefruit,and the lemon tea tree as a face wash…….. I now know that …..that’s not the correct use….!!! However I think it’s amazing and it’s working fantastic!! I definitely like the grapefruit the most definitely my forever product! I’m looking forward to getting more products in the future!! Give it a try!! The samples are perfect!! Not cheesie either you can really give it a try before you purchase! I definitely recommend there products to friends and family!! Now you 🙂 good day ( I’d give more stars…..like all in the sky…… but won’t let me!!!!)

Grapefruit perfection

I honestly can’t believe the magic this has done to my skin. I’ve always suffered from acne, it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable and this has toned it down considerably. I get noticeable acne only on the days I forgot to use this product!

Literally the best skin care products ever

Not only do these products actually work without leaving my skin damaged and raw, the company that produces them is incredible. The acne treatment is the first thing I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many, many things) that really clears my pores without absolutely destroying the surrounding skin. It just goes to show that wholesome ingredients are the only way to get the job done! I really love how Jivi is completely crueltry-free and even goes so far as to donate to a freakin’ food pantry every time you buy something. And when I reached out via email to express the sentiments of this review, I was met with a reply from the co-founder that was genuine and happy and just made me smile. I’m usually pretty brutal in product reviews like this, but this one is so positive it almost sounds like an ad. Long story short, this is really an awesome company and anyone considering supporting them should definitely go right ahead.


This product really works! It’s nice to have something that works on the pimples but is easy on everything else.

Love it

I love this product! It’s definitely helped with my acne!

Actually helps!

It’s hard to find facial or acne products that work when you are allergic to alot of skincare and perfumed lotions and facials. I was super excited when I used their product and it was actually helping me instead of the opposite! Plus, it’s natural. It’s a win for sure.

Very impressed

I have had acne my entire life and this is the first product that has worked to clear my skin. The lemon tea tree is my favorite. Seriously, try it!

Holy Grail!

I am very picky with the products that I deem holy grail, and this treatment has surpassed my expectations. I bought The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid, but it really did nothing for my acne. However I recently purchased the Neogen Fermented Essence along with the Acwell Licorice Toner and they broke me out like I never did before. I don’t normally have a lot of acne, mostly it’s centered on my chin which I know is hormonal, and a little bumpy. However, to combat the horror I received this in my Goodbeing box, and damn, I’ve only used it for 3 days and my acne has been diminishing at a rapid speed. Even my chin acne is gone and the texture is nice and smooth. I have never seen any product do this, my sensitive skin is in love. <3

Stick with it!

At first, I found this product to cause a bit more irritation and even aggravate my acne. As with most products I’ve tried, I thought ‘here we go again’ and was ready to stop using it all together because the initial purge did not seem worth it. The fault was mine; I tried the conservative approach of using it one every few days and was aggravated by the results after breaking out. However, after breaking out and having gone through this cycle multiple times in the past I decided to just try this product consistently by applying it twice a day for a week and the results were drastically different. I guess once my skin got use to the product I could see a significant improvement in tone and smoothness, and have yet to break out after the initial purge. It was either that or the fact that I started using the face wash before applying that really got me the results I was looking for.

2 months of use and I love it!

I have sensitive skin that is acne prone, oily, and prone to redness. While I had results quickly, I wanted to use this product consistently and long term before leaving a review. And the results are great! I actually have a forehead again! This soothes and heals my acne and reduces the redness, pain, and inflammation that come with my breakouts. It doesn’t leave me dry or stripped like most acne products do. Smells great and works even better!

Best treatment ever!

After the first night of use of this treatment, my skin was already looking better! It is hydrating and calming, and makes all of my pimples go away, including the cystic ones under the skin. I am incredibly happy with my purchase!

Pimples Be Gone!

WOW- all-natural is the way to go when fighting acne! I saw a difference in my blemishes after one night of using the Lemon Tea Tree. The best part is that my skin breaks out way less than before and if it does, it goes away quickly. Love this product!

Pimples shrunk in a night!

My magic lemon-y plant puree could not make me happier! I use this cream before going to bed so that the natural goodness can heal my skin while I sleep. This MOISTURIZING acne treatment reduces redness and shrinks zits in a single night without drying out my sensitive skin at all! I feel like my skin eats up this cream because it has a really satisfying little lather as you rub it in. I’m obsessed!

4 Stars, The best natural cleanser for acne prone skin!

I have been using the Grapefruit Hydrating Acne Treatment for about 3 weeks. I absolutely love this cleanser. My skin feels completely clean after using this cleanser. My skin is not dry and tight; and my skin feels baby soft. Excited to see even more improvement in my skin. I will be reordering this cleanser and I can’t wait to try more of the Jivi line.

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